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Music mentor

So you never know who you touch. You never know how or when you’ll have an impact, or how important your example can be to someone else.

-Denzel Washington

As a music mentor for many years, I train, coach and challenge my students in life skills and music, helping each one establish a firm foundation in character, integrity, discipline, people skills and accountability.


While discovering their gifts, talents, visions and purpose, my mentees soon discover their REAL identities, boost their confidence and gain a new respect and appreciation for the music industry and the opportunities that present themselves directly as a result of my mentorship.

In partnership with Winning at the Race of Life, we provide invaluable training that many youth would otherwise not receive when coming to Los Angeles in an effort to pursue a career in music. 



◦ One-on-One Mentoring
◦ Weekly Singing Lessons 

◦ Public Speaking and Interview Preparation 
◦ Performance Coaching 

◦ Audition Preparation
◦ Songwriting Sessions
◦ Hands On Music Recording In A Pro Studio 

◦ Introduction To Music Engineering, Mixing and Mastering  

◦ Music Business 101 (PRO, copyright, song registration, etc.)

◦ Numerous Live Performances / Talent Showcases

◦ Workshop Participation

◦ Outreach Event Participation

◦ Community Service 

◦ Music Video Filming & Production

◦ Music professionally mixed, mastered, published and shopped by an independent publishing company for placement in television and movies 


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