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"Janeen truly is more than a Mentor, she is your partner and your friend."


It may sound cliche, but I cannot say enough about Janeen and Mentoring with Music. I’ve always loved singing, but would have never thought to take lessons. At least not at this time in my life as I was nearly 50! But when I met Janeen and she shared with me about Mentoring with Music, something told me I should give it a try. And I am so glad I did. Because of her comprehensive program and the layers in the learning, you will find yourself increasing in a variety of multiple skills, expanding beyond the voice and singing. Janeen will put you at ease and confidently reassure you. Her enthusiasm and positive encouragement is contagious and makes each lesson valuable and memorable. Janeen truly is more than a Mentor, she is your partner and your friend. It has been over a year now that I have been taking lessons with Janeen. I have learned so much about music, but more than that, I have learned so much about myself in the process. Thank you so much Janeen for who you are and all you do!

-Tricia Miller

Lisa Hillier Photo

"Janeen's brilliant voice and the power of her song fills my Heart with Love and pure Joy."


I CELEBRATE Janeen Ferdinand and honor the Gift she is to me every Sunday morning in Worship. Janeen's brilliant voice and the power of her song fills my Heart with Love and pure Joy and carries me throughout my entire week; both personally and professionally.

I value the opportunity to experience and enjoy the exceptional Singer and Songwriter Janeen defines.

In the spirit of LOVE, Janeen's voice covers all.

Warmest regards,


-Lisa Hillier, Estée Lauder Companies | Regional Sales and Education Director | Southwest


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"...because of your song, and your beautiful voice, you saved my daughter from the grips of suicide."

We are forever grateful for such a miracle. When we pray for what we need, God lines the right people up, and miracles happen!! Thankyou Janeen for helping Shannon live her dreams. We love you." 

-Jeannie Remy, Mother & Author

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"Janeen is a super amazing and talented songwriter, singer & producer! Any idea you might have for a song, she is able to understand your desire and help you bring that into existence! She is super creative and never gives up!

If you have a any melody that you want as a song, even in your head,

or whatever it may be, she will do everything possible to help create it!

Without a doubt, song writing can be difficult at times when you’re trying to find the right words and beats to portray your personal message with style and flow...but when working with Janeen you’ll never encounter a difficult time, without laughter and motivation to help you get through it! She makes it incredibly fun! She is a Super awesome lady and I highly recommend her!"

-Meghan Maloof: mechanic, stuntdriver & star of NETFLIX DRIVE HARD: The Maloof Way 

"If you're looking for a teacher who is professional and enthusiastic, with an effective technique to helping you discover your latent potential, then look no further."
Working on singing and songwriting with Janeen has been the opportunity of a lifetime. I've learned so much from someone who has first-hand experience in the music business and her wisdom is always priceless. I've grown as an artist thanks to her knowledge and guidance with singing, songwriting, and performing."

-Shannon Remy. singer, songwriter

"She takes what you do and makes it a household name!"

I have known Janeen for years. When the time was just right for the next step

in business growth, exposure and promotion, I knew there was only one

choice, one talent, one powerful delivery!

Her voice is known industry wide, making supernatural sound waves,

my friend, and your next need to know person of passion- Janeen Ferdinand.

She takes what you do, and makes it a household name.

BAM! l just got branded, promoted, and exposed, all at once, by the best!

Thank you Janeen💥 

-Fred Summers Leander, TX (Owner GEN TECH)

"Outstanding employer, kind and patient..."

".. I recommend working with her. Constant and fluid communication.

100% reliable!”

 -Jose Maria R. (Audio Engineer, Music Producer, Drummer, La Plata, Argentina)

"Janeen was great to work with!"

"I would love to work with her again! ”

-Tanice Cronk, Fun Kid Toys Grand Prairie Canada

"The Voice that Rocked the Heavens!"

​"I am so impressed with Janeen Ferdinand's powerhouse vocalizations. She has a resonant, spirited singing voice and style that is at once reminiscent of Carlene Carter – but yet still uniquely her own. Looking forward to hearing her belt out the National Anthem for 90,000 to 100,000 live listeners. Her voice literally screams out for an audience of this size."Mike Kimmel​, Los Angeles Actor and Author


5 STARS!!!

"Outstanding work, highly responsive and very attentive. We couldn't be more happy that we now have THE voice we were hoping for at HIGHLY recommended

...would give a 6 across the board if we could :) ", Lions Bay Canada

"Excellent work." 

"Very professional. Absolutely superb voice and diction.", NYC 

"Very professional work rendered!"

"I should say, you are really, really good... Far surpassed my expectations." 

I will definitely call again. 

​-Dr. Muleya Mainza, MD. Lusaka, Zambia

"I couldn't think of anyone who's voice I would want more affiliated with me and my heart"

"Janeen Ferdinand has made her life about making a difference in peoples lives (mine for sure) by helping us find the best part of who we are and especially how we communicated. Whether it's the power of voice or whether it's the power of a song, she always taps into the significance and the uniqueness of who we are personally or corporately. I couldn't think of anyone who's voice I would want more affiliated with me and my heart. She is world-class and she has earned my greatest respect. 

Happy to be a reference for her anytime!

 -Peter Strople, Austin TX, "One of the Most Humble and Well Connected People In The World"

An extremely dedicated singer, songwriter, voiceover talent, jingle-writer ..."

"I have the pleasure of knowing Janeen Ferdinand for many years. Regarding my life, people come up with two words: dedication and commitment. Janeen is a prime example of those two words. An extremely dedicated singer, songwriter, voiceover talent, jingle-writer and just having a love to take her gifts and talents and share them throughout the world."

-Bob "Mr. Inspiration" Wieland

National Vietnam Veteran of The Year & People Magazine "6 Most Amazing Americans" in the Last 20 Years!  


"through creation and expression of music rooted in the Word of God. Love that is poured out through song and blesses all who hear it! 

-Gigi Erneta: Actress, Public Speaker, Radio Host 

"Janeen's voice is by far the best I've ever heard!..."  

"her music and voiceovers are not worldly, they're changing the world!"

-Sammy Maloof  Hollywood Stuntman, Speaker, Author, Engine Builder

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